I’ve tried blogging on and off for years, possibly decades. It has never stuck. These last couple of years or so, I have been more consistent and blogged a lot more.

I’ve had to move platforms, so much of the old stuff is badly linked these days, and I even had a post promoted by a software house mere days before I moved platforms again, rendering their link to my blog useless 😰 —I didn’t have the heart to ask them to update the link.

One thing that stuck out in the later stages of the earlier blogging period was a list of recommended blogs that bloggers would share on their posts/pages. It got a bit nepotistic eventually, but the idea was solid —You like my blog, why not try these?

They died out when microblogging sites like Twitter and other social media walled gardens railroaded the Internet. The algorithm replaced the recommendations, not to help you find more interesting things to read and learn about, but to monetise you through invasive and often illegal advertising malpractice.

But blogging is making a comeback. People are starting to feel the real harm social media is doing to us. And yes, I know there are studies that say there’s nothing wrong with social media, and others that feel it is literal digital cancer. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, or at least more nuanced than those arguments —that are, by the way, very “social media” in construction by being as binary as that.

And so with (real) blogging making a comeback, so are blogrolls. These are the real algorithms of the Internet. One’s that are much better, much saner, less clickbait-y… more human, and humane.

Long live blogrolls. Mine is a work-in-progress, and you can find it from the menu.

2 May 2024 — French West Indies