I started my work life building electric distribution panels, Switchgear, and studying to become a design engineer. After passing my driving test early and impulse-buying a Ford Fiesta MK2, I quickly sold it to buy an Amiga 500. This sealed my fate to work in a world of microcomputers, as they were called back then.

Since then, I’ve held various jobs including Developer, Network Administrator, Network Consultant, and Senior Solutions Architect. Not happy working for someone else, I founded my consultancy (dgtlfutures) after many years of hesitation. I’m focused on researching and understanding the digital world and paying particular attention to what is happening in the Caribbean.

I’m bilingual in English and French and understand a decent amount of creole. I moved to the French West Indies more than 18 years ago. I live on a beautiful Island in the Windwards with my family. Aside from the dangers of a killer volcano, earthquakes and hurricanes, life is pretty decent.

This is not my first blog; many have still birthed or faded away over the years. It is a purely personal endeavour and a longtime wish to write more often. If you wish, you may follow me on Twitter and on Mastodon.

The blog’s name is taken from a William Gibson novel, Count Zero. Not for any particular reason, just a name that appealed and was unique.