When Facebook (or Meta if you believe they have changed purpose) first proposed the EU-only pay-for-no-ads subscriptions to their “products”, there was something that rubbed me up the wrong way but I couldn’t articulate it.

Now they have climbed down a little, in a tactic to see where the line is for the EU in accepting such a scam.

And that’s what it is… a scam.

And this is what I was trying to articulate previously but couldn’t. What really irks me is that the “proposition” from Facebook comes from a point of view that they are entitled to this money.

No they’re fucking not! They’re entitled to some money if they actually provided a real service, rather than a global surveillance network with added crappy AI ads and vacuous “Influencers”.

The litmus test, as I wrote about years ago, is forcing them to ask EVERY user to pay for the service, then we’ll see what “service” is essential for all.

16 April 2024 — French West Indies