Step 1: Create an AI that accelerates its adoption and forces the creation of AGI.

Step 2: Roll out an iris-scanning tool capturing the biometric identities of those least in a position to protect themselves in exchange for a small payout of some useless shitcoin.

Step 3: Argue that AGI is coming and, therefore, we need to protect our IDs from this monster, and the solution is … (see step 2)

Step 4: As a private company spread across the globe owning millions (if not billions) of digital IDs with virtually no protection (let's not even talk about cybersecurity - fsck me, this would be one hell of a juicy target) extract value by choking the poor for access to essential services and/or human rights.

This is digital colonialism and must be stopped.

Do not, I repeat, do not give your digital ID to this company. They cannot be trusted with that type of information.

BTW, the shitcoin will be exploited, and those that can least afford it will lose money at best. At worst… it might be much more than you think.

25 July 2023 — French West Indies