During an onstage interview with Sam Altman with Azeem Azhar, as reported by the Verge:

“My basic model of the world is that the cost of intelligence and the cost of energy are the two limited inputs, sort of the two limiting reagents of the world. And if you can make those dramatically cheaper, dramatically more accessible, that does more to help poor people than rich people, frankly,” he said. “This technology will lift all of the world up.”

This is utter rubbish. The ones that will benefit the most from this technology will undoubtedly be those with the means to exploit it the most, continuing their tradition of wealth extraction from those with the least means.

This will lift the world’s average in precisely the same way that the co-passengers in a lift with Bill Gates are all billionaires… on average.

Take note, equally, of the “if”. That’s doing a LOT of heavy lifting.

Once last quip. You see how these people see the world as binary — rich people and poor people. This is how they fail to understand and hence, mitigate all that messy in-between stuff existent in practically any topic, be it race, food, politics, etc.

Seriously, who the fuck do these people think they are?

24 May 2023 — French West Indies