It’s been the mantra for some time now in the valley. Everyone benefits by moving fast and breaking a couple of things because we move faster at a quicker pace. But is that true?

My take: It’s bullshit and always has been.

On inspection, this mantra should actually be:

Break things and move fast.

Silicon Valley and all the poor copycats dotted around the planet are causing untold harm on a social level, let alone on an economic one.

Don’t believe me or think that I’m being alarmist?

Have a read of this article from Jon Haidt.

Conclusion: Social Media Is a Major Cause of Mental Illness in Girls, Not Just a Tiny Correlate

On the financial side.

FTX, SVB. I could go on.

As for “move fast”, that really means “run away” and blame others or deny responsibility.

13 March 2023 — French West Indies