My self-inflicted pressure to write a blog post per day for the month of November didn’t quite go as well as I’d hoped. It did, however, confirm something. And that’s fine.

As a writer and blogger I think we tend to put everyone in the same basket. A writer will write and therefore whatever style of writing is possible he or she is capable of writing. Bloggers blog and blogging is a form that everyone understands and adheres to.

Not so. I write, but I’m not a novelist and I don’t know how to write daily blog posts on my observations in the day. I tried and I can’t do either of them.

What I can write, is long reports, long articles explaining the historical context of a subject and informed analysis pieces that demand lots of research.

I think I’ll stick to what I know best. I’m just not ready or capable of opening up my life as a constant stream of blurb on the Internet.

10 December 2019 — French West Indies