Here in the French West Indies, next week is La Rentrée, or Back to School. It’s a big deal not just for the kids, but also it’s a marker in the year that signifies starting a new year and turning a page. It neither aligns with the financial year, not the calendar year. But it is important in its own right.

I’ve decided to do my own “Rentrée” and I’ve removed all the old content, spruced up the look and feel and decided the use of this blog would be for more personal endeavours. Thoughts, links, ideas and general writing.

I have multiple blogs over the years with nothin really sticking. I started a newsletter that is starting to get traction and this serves as one of my creative outlets, but I have more inside. I’ve always been attracted to writing, I’ve even had articles published in long-dead magazines, but I’ve never really pursued it as a career or primary occupation.

This blog will hopefully help me do just that.

I’m promising nothing, but I hope that what I publish may be interesting and worth your time. I respect that you have millions of blogs to choose from and I’ll ensure I don’t forget that.

One last thing.

I have another creative endeavour in photography. I’m not very good at it, but now and again I capture a nice image or two. My photos used to be heavily sports oriented, but nowadays I seem to be taking a lot of sunset pictures. The sun setting never fails to amaze me. A giant ball of fire, up there, just hanging around, burning itself out, and it produces such amazing scenes of beauty.

Bonne journée.

31 August 2019 — French West Indies