From TechCrunch: Facebook (Meta) is essentially a cybercriminal organisation *My headline

In 2016, Facebook launched a secret project designed to intercept and decrypt the network traffic between people using Snapchat’s app and its servers. The goal was to understand users’ behavior and help Facebook compete with Snapchat, according to newly unsealed court documents. Facebook called this “Project Ghostbusters,” in a clear reference to Snapchat’s ghost-like logo.

These are exactly the same techniques used by cybercriminals to extract data, usurp identity, and ultimately steal things to make money. This is what is called a man-in-the-middle attack.

Even Facebook’s own security engineers were weary about this project:

I can’t think of a good argument for why this is okay. No security person is ever comfortable with this, no matter what consent we get from the general public. The general public just doesn’t know how this stuff works, …

I continue to argue that If you work at Facebook, you should examine your moral compass to ask if you are comfortable with your role in what has only enriched the biggest fratboy prick in the entire world.

Remember: Facebook started out as an app to rate the fuckability of college girls. That set the tone for the next couple of decades of Facebook’s sinking into the morally defunct swamp.

27 March 2024 — French West Indies