• @ianbetteridge I must admit that I didn't have Gruber as a Facebook apologist on my 2024 bingo care, but here we are. 🤷‍♂️ I've seen his shift over the last couple of years ever since he started a podcast with Ben Thompson. Although, I'm not saying correlation is causation, of course. Ben often defends Facebook on the premise that it helps businesses, particularly small businesses, advertise like the big boys. That's false on two levels 1) they get the worst rates, and 2) the efficiency of highly targeted ads is patently false, as this (and other) studies have shown: op.europa.eu/en/public...

    One last point: I've seen arguments suggesting that the EU is blocking Facebook from doing business, i.e. "What business model can they use?" (ex. Casey Newton). The EU is not blocking advertising, and Facebook is free to use ads; it is blocking the egregious, surveillance, privacy-trashing-crap-that-only-fills-the-coffers-of-Facebook-not-anyone-else adverts. The "pay or show us the contents of your last turd" Hobson's choice is just a step too far, and I'm glad it is getting called out for what it is by the EU. Facebook is free to do business where it wants, but it must abide by the rules, unlike the many years it has wilfully avoided doing so with respect to the GDPR.

  • @pratik I agree with this on the whole. I would also support a mass boycott by app developers withholding app releases (aside security updates) to make a statement. Sure, it would be annoying for us users in the short term, but come on, we can all wait a couple of months for a new feature.

  • @Annie, I really like the idea. Like most people, I automatically reach for the phone. This is a much better use of those few minutes.

  • @pratik Yup

  • @manton That's incredible value! I'm glad I moved here at the start of the year. I've seen nothing but constant improvement since then.

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